On 3 December the final of the Taxcellence AWARD for the best TaxTech solution took place as the conclusion of this year's Tax Technology Weeks.

... and the Winner is

An overview of all finalists and participants can be found here.

In the following you can see our final pitch again. We faced the challenge of explaining our compliance platform in just 80 seconds, covering topics such as automated Value Added Tax compliance, financial accounting, application programming interfaces (APIs) and much more that sets us apart.

The final pitch: Taxdoo in 80 seconds

Taxdoo in 80 seconds

How it all began: from 2015 to 2020

In the following we want to give you a short overview in pictures, how our way looked like so far.

A comprehensive report with even more background information will be available in early 2021 in the ReThinking Tax.

2015: Four young doctoral students from the University of Hamburg begin

Taxdoo is a spin-off from science. We are therefore also very grateful to our doctoral supervisor Prof. Dr. Markus Nöth, who holds the chair of Banking Management and Behavioral Finance at the University of Hamburg.

Taxdoo starts at the Chair of Banking Management & Behavioral Finance at the University of Hamburg

From left to right: Dr Roger Gothmann, Dr Moritz Lukas and Dr Matthias Allmendinger (not in the picture: Dr Christian Königsheim).

2016: Our first own office

... is a former professor's office where the first lines of taxdoo code were written.

Our first office

2017: We start distribution

One of our first trade fair appearances was at CEBIT in 2017 - an institution that was discontinued in 2018.

Taxdoo at the CEBIT 2017

2018: The team is growing and we take some time off

Once a year we organize our so-called Tax-Off. Then we drive with the whole team to a charming place at the sea or in the mountains and talk about many things - but not about taxes.

2019: We create structures, departments and continue to grow

2019 is the year in which we are no longer a start-up. The team is growing rapidly and we create the first departments - among others and very important: HR.

Taxdoo mid 2019

2020: We are now a team of 50 smart people #stillhiring

Of course, 2020 also presented us with a major challenge. We created structures in no time at all so that every team member can work where he or she feels most comfortable and secure: in the home office, our office with all the security precautions, or alternately.

As e-commerce has grown rapidly this year, we have doubled our team this year and will be adding a few more gears next year as we continue to expand our platform with new features, because for us, the following applies:

Taxdoo is the legal core of e-commerce.
Taxdoo in remote mode early 2020

... we found the confetti cannon

Fun Fact: The Handelsblatt had sent all finalists of the Taxcellance AWARD a confetti cannon in advance. We had somehow misplaced it - but were able to blame the missing confetti whirl on Hanseatic understatement from our side.

Somebody found the thing after all ...

Taxdoo is the platform for automated and secure compliance processes

... and forms for the leading online retailers in Europe besides the handling of the current EU and GB- Value Added Tax-Compliance, Intrastat and financial accounting also offers numerous other compliance services via a unique platform.

If you want to know more about how you Value Added Taxcan efficiently and securely map compliance, financial accounting and much more via a platform, then book your individual and free initial consultation with the compliance experts from Taxdoo!

You are also welcome to register for our regular demo webinar in which we will introduce Taxdoo and our compliance services and answer your questions personally.