The increasing importance of e-commerce has been brought home to the last few months even to the last doubters.

However, as the EU Commission itself explained on 15.07.2020 - more on this in a blog post shortly - the area Value Added Taxof compliance represents a considerable hurdle for many small and large innovative companies in this segment.

We have discussed two specific hurdles in detail in the current issues of the following tax journals.

  • beck.digitax - The One-Stop-Shop (OSS): Is it coming? If so, when? What does it bring? ...
  • IWW BBP - Tax offices are discovering online trading: What are the main focuses of the audit? Where are the weak points on the part of the traders?

beck.digitax: One-Stop-Shop

Completion of the Digital Single Market by 1.1(7.) 2021?

IWW: Tax audits in online trade

New focus of the tax audit


Both articles clarify: VAT law is lagging behind the technological developments in e-commerce.

  • The EU Commission would relieve the OSS and the associated turnover tax law of considerably more legacy burdens than the member states allow it to do. This is likely to remain so in the coming years, so that we can continue to wait for the big reform bill.
  • An increasing number of tax offices are carrying out tax audits or Value Added Taxspecial audits of online business - the result will not always look like the following graphic, as it is not uncommon for both sides (tax offices and online merchants) to lack a basic understanding of each other.
Result of our own Value Added Taxspecial audit

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