We are proud to be DATEV's partner for e-commerce. Thanks to our DATEV export, many millions of transactions are automatically posted to the right account every month, with a strong upward trend.

But the configuration options can be overwhelming at first. That's why, starting today, we are making it even easier for you to use our DATEV export for your accounting in a sustainable and time-saving way.

The price therefore now includes a free onboarding consultation with one of our DATEV experts. Our experts are extensively equipped for all questions of your accounting department and know the DATEV charts of accounts very well. They will help you to set up the accounts correctly, explain possible abbreviations and automatisms and check whether your accounting department can work effectively with our export.

This is how you get the onboarding call

After booking the DATEV export in the Taxdoo dashboard you will automatically receive an e-mail with a booking link. There you can choose a suitable date by yourself. The conversation itself then takes place via screen transmission. Of course, your tax consultant or your accountant can also take part in this conversation in your place (or additionally). Just add them to the calendar invitation you receive when you book your appointment.

Taxdoo is the platform for automated and secure Value Added Taxprocesses

... and provides the leading online retailers in Europe with numerous other compliance services via a unique platform, in addition to handling ongoing EU-wide Value Added Taxcompliance, Intrastat and financial accounting.

If you want to know more about how you Value Added Taxcan efficiently and securely map compliance, financial accounting and much more via a platform, then book your individual and free initial consultation with the compliance experts from Taxdoo!

You are also welcome to register for our regular demo webinar in which we will introduce Taxdoo and our compliance services and answer your questions personally.