Cross-border online trade in the European Union amounted to almost €110 billion in 2019. According to forecasts, this figure will more than double by 2022.

This shows: E-commerce in Europe will continue to grow in importance in the coming years. But the strong growth also brings some challenges for online retailers.

In addition to rising logistics costs and delivery times, this also includes the growing complexity of cross-border shipping (e.g. delivery to EU countries vs. delivery to non-EU countries) and the associated pitfalls with the topic Value Added Tax. Added to this this year with the Brexit and the introduction of One-Stop-Shop on July 1, 2021, two more major changes to consider.

To help online retailers overcome these challenges and scale internationally, we have created a guideline for cross-border e-commerce in the EU in cooperation with our partner byrd - a technology-driven fulfillment service provider - in which we primarily address the above-mentioned logistical and VAT challenges.

The e-book also provides answers to the following questions:

  • How can you optimize international shipping to reduce logistics costs and improve delivery times?
  • Which tax aspects have to be considered for cross-border storage?
  • What are the most popular delivery options in Europe?
  • Which sales tax aspects have to be considered when shipping to other EU countries?
  • What should I bear in mind when selling to the UK after Brexit ?
  • What does the introduction of the One-Stop-Shop mean for your company?

You can download the e-book here in German, English and French free of charge. Exciting tips, case studies and practical examples are waiting for you.

Have fun reading!

The modern e-commerce fulfillment service provider byrd offers access to an international logistics network in 5 countries via cloud-based software.

Taxdoo is the platform for automated Value Added Tax processes in e-commerce and, in addition to ongoing EU-wide Value Added Tax compliance, Intrastat & financial accounting, also handles other compliance services securely & efficiently via a single platform.