Amazon will in all probability include Sweden as the next European marketplace. In this blog post we will explain the VAT consequences this may have and how Taxdoo can support you.

Tax liability in Sweden?

As in the other EU countries, you can become liable for VAT in Sweden for 2 reasons: Either you exceed the delivery threshold to Sweden or you store your goods in a Swedish warehouse.

As long as an FBA warehouse is Amazon not immediately opened in Sweden, the mere fact that the delivery threshold is exceeded may result in a tax liability for Amazonsellers in Sweden (unless other fulfilment service providers with warehouses in Sweden are used). The Swedish delivery threshold is 320,000 SEK (slightly more than 30,000 EUR) per calendar year.

Note: According to initial information, fulfillment for Sweden could be handled by the Polish fulfillment Amazoncenters. This would immediately result in a VAT liability in Poland.

In 2 steps to the Swedish VAT-ID

With Taxdoo you can apply for a Swedish VAT-ID in 2 easy steps:

Step 1

Via the Taxdoo website you can order a Swedish VAT-ID in less than 5 minutes.

Step 2

We will then ask you for the information required for VAT registration in Sweden and continue the process with this information. The VAT registration process in Sweden usually takes several weeks. Once the registration process has been initiated, we will issue you with a certificate of commencement of the VAT registration process, if required, which can be provisionally submitted to the respective marketplace; this confirms that you are currently seeking a VAT-ID in Sweden.

If Ihr more about this subject,

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Taxdoo obtains transaction data directly and automatically from all relevant market places and ERP systems, reports these abroad and transfers them to financial accounting at the push of a button, e.g. via our DATEV interface.